Monday, 27 February 2012

Oscars 2012: Most annoying

I'm not sure whether I'm just a person that's easily irritated, or whether I'm too harsh in my "judging" but some aspects of the Oscars really bugged me.

Firstly, Mila Jovovich. She looked stunning, and was one of my best picks of the night, but the way she was posing was She kept doing this stern face whilst the crowd were clapping and, for someone who was only there to present, she sure did lap it up.


Shailene Woodley, I like her, LOVED her in the descendents, but she acted odd whilst talking to Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet.
"I know right?"
 "George blew it out of the park"
"I'm totally stoked to be here!"
I didn't know people actually talked like this, it sounded like a bad 90s sitcom. Maybe she's just excited so I'll let her off.

Anyone notice how George Clooney is always stand-offish with his "fling of the week" and yet is always friendly with his male friends i.e. Brad Pitt.... just putting it out there. 


Sacha Baron Cohen pulled that stunt on the Red Carpet, and it seemed a bit false. Hmm... I'm guessing there was a little pre-planning going on there. 

Oh and the most annoying was Angelina Jolie :( It pains me to write this because I do love her, but why why why did she keep sticking her leg out??? we know the dress has a slit, give it a rest already!

Oscars 2012: Trend alert!

1. Red, Red and more Red


2. White, White and err more White?


3. I'm dressed in gold, so I deserve to win right?


4. Old Hollywood Glamour 

Oscars 2012: Wait...haven't we seen that before?

Every year the Oscars deliver the goods in the fashion stakes, so it's not surprising that the stylists occasionally become tired as the years progress, stealing a little inspiration from award seasons past... Here's a few looks that had FTFB wondering, haven't I seen that before?


Jessica Chastain and Beyonce both wore black and gold garments to the Oscars, only B wore hers way back in 2007


Well, they say red heads think a like ( I know they don't really, work with me here) so it's not surprising that Emma Stone's dress looked uncannily like the dress Nicole Kidman wore in 2007.  Regardless of the critics, I think Emma comes out on top. 

Oscars 2012: Best dressed

Ahh! So yesterday was the Oscars and, since I live in England, I've only just got the chance to watch it. There were some stunning looks on the red carpet, with white and red being the colours of the hour... Here are FTFB best pics! 

5. Milla Jovovich

4. Gwyneth Paltrow


3. Octavia Spencer

2. Rooney Mara

1. Emma Stone

I love this dress, it may be a little deja vu but it's awesome, not sure if this has more to do with my love for emma stone though...

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Item of the day

ASOS Unitard in Brush Stroke Print




The unitard is one of those items that only a certain "individual" can pull off... I for one  think they're awesome and this one's no exception. The vivid brush stroke print ensures you'll be making a statement when wearing this number. Oh, and if you're daring enough to wear this, rest assured you're not alone, Jessie J is also a fan!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Catwalk: Gucci at Milan Fashion Week 2012

Gucci's latest collection seems to have diverged from the bright, opulent textures we've all grown to love. I will admit, I was initially disappointed to find that Frida Giannini had adopted a more sombre pallet, however after close inspection I've realised the designs were anything but boring. The textures, cut and flowing fabrics are to die for...





pictures curtsy of

Sunday, 19 February 2012

The best of London Fashion week

After the amazing spectacle that was New York Fashion week, it's now London's turn. Often dubbed as the "least important" of all fashion weeks, this season has proved otherwise. Here are FTFB's best pics...










Henry Holland 



Jasper Conran 


The Celebs that had the hottest seats in town...

SPOTTED: Actress Gemma Arterton and Rapper Tinie tempa at the Issa fashion show 

SPOTTED: Singer Pixie lott and model boyfriend Oliver Cheshire and er... socialite *cough cough* Peaches Geldorf at Temperley

SPOTTED: Model/presenter Alexa Chung and Pixie Geldorf at Temperly

SPOTTED: Made in Chelsea star Millie Machintosh at House of Holland and presenter Jameela Jamil at John Rocha