Wednesday, 30 November 2011

1st December yeaahrrr put your hands in the aiirrrrrr!

Oh yes, it's the first of December, don't forget to put the Christmas tree up everyone! 

who watches Daybreak?

I'm watching it right now, apparently it's national aids day. Interesting. Did you know Adrian and Christine are leaving? I about time, i like the former but I'm not too fond of the latter since she's incapable of keeping a straight face and always asks the most pointless questions. 
Oh well i'll look forward to whoever they get to replace them, it's about time really. 

Tights anyone?

I’ve decided I like tights. This is a new “thing” for me because I usually only wear tights for school, but recently I’ve seen some really cool designs so have decided to share my finds with you all. 

Pretty Polly suspender tights £10- River Island 
Here are those really cool "suspender" tights that everyone seems to be wearing lately. I'll admit i wasn't convinced at first, but after buying a pair to wear with my new party dress (see ideas below) I've been swayed. 

Coloured Cochet tights £5.99- New Look
These deep Red Crochet tights are really cute. I love the colour and print and think they'd look great with a pair of brown winter boots. 

Henry Holland- £12.48
LOOK AT THESE!!!!  Apparently, Henry Holland is a big fan of little mix (me too just incase you hadn't noticed) and has created a pair of tights just for them! I want some... Unfortunately i don't think these are available to buy yet but you can get similar pairs here

Day off? time to get your party on!

Teachers, I salute you! Thank you ever so much for going on strike, you have really made my day.  I’ve decided to make the most of my day off and go shopping for a new party dress, here are the top five I found whilst scouring the net. 

Black Lace dress £29.99- H and M
I LOVE this dress, it's quite classic but has a modern twist. I'd definitely recommend it to those who want a simple piece that can be worn on many occasions, just add some killer earrings and you're good to go. 

Mesh Wrap Dress £65.00- Lipsy 
This dress is incredibly stylish, the pink is not too overbearing and the jeweled detailing adds that extra touch of glam. Wear with hear in tumbling curls for that extra sexy look. 

Nude Pretty lace dress £45- Miss Selfridge 
This dress is great for those with a petite frame, it has an ethereal look that's perfect for any occasion. Who said the "saint" look wasn't prosperous? 

Skater dress with Multi Strap £40- ASOS
This dress is really cute, yes it's loud, but the cut and style of the skirt balance out the "craziness" and gives a sweet look. It can be dressed up or dressed down and would look amazing on olive to dark skin tones. 

Shimmer strap body-con dress £90- House Of Dereon
At £90 this dress is a little expensive, but is great for those who are looking for an ultra-sexy dress. It's one of the best high street body-con dresses I've seen and the woven strap front gives it that unexpected edge. 

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Top eight (I’m too lazy for ten) utterly shocking, thought provoking, mind boggling, cringe inducing moments

 1.Victoria Beckham showed some actual emotion (I know I’m as shocked as you are). The life stopping moment happened at the British Fashion Awards where she managed to bag the “designer brand award.” I for one think she deserves it, sure she walks and talks like a robot, holds her baby like it’s a handbag and thinks every airport is a runway; but come on she has tons of money and could easily lie around like a lump of lard all day.  Give credit where credit’s due.

2.Stella McCartney may return to London fashion week. It was just a hint, a small minute insignificant “one-off” but oh boy that’s certainly good enough for me. I can’t contain my enthusiasm it’s overflowing, just circle prints.

3.I stacked it when running for the bus today. No comment.

4.Amy Childs stepped out in a Bikini to promote her new show. It’s Amy Childs, enough said. For my American readers (yes I recently discovered page view) here’s a picture. Now to you understand where I’m coming from?

5.Why don’t we say cool beans anymore? Apparently it was hip in the 80’s, I just say whenever I feel like it and everyone looks at me like I’m crazy. I’m not. Cool beans. 

6.Apparently a tomato is a fruit?
I refuse to believe this; it’s disgusting. If it’s true how I can, a self confessed fruit hater, can love tomatoes? Something is not right there. 

7.Capes are not just for Halloween. I bought a cape today, from Dorothy Perkins (okay I’ll have to admit I have a slight obsession with the shop). Before I tried it on, I wasn't convinced but now I totally love it. Since I’m so kind, I’ll try and find a pic for you.

8.You’ve read the whole list! I am shocked, and I appreciate it. Until next time TTYL. 

shopping before school? yes please!

Right now I’m blogging from school which means I’ve got my don’t-irritate-me face on.  I’m so tired. Why must school start so early? I’m really not in the mood for politics and history class today or anything else for the matter. Hmm... Should I use my frees this morning to go shopping? Yes? It’s a plan.

List of things to buy
1.       New coat, see below
2.       New boots
3.       Some over the knee socks
4.       A statement necklace
5.       New party dress.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Rain rain go away. I'm serious. Get lost.

Rise and shine people!
It’s morning here in England and, as usual, I’m greeted with dry disgusting windy weather which reminded me, I must get a new winter coat. Right now my coat is awful, it’s a plain black trench and it’s a year old (don’t judge me) so instead of going shopping I’ve spent my morning searching for a new winter warmer.
Here are my faves:

tobacco fur hooded Duffle coat £69- Dorothy Perkins
(what kind of price is £69 pounds? might as well be £70)

burgundy taped dolly coat £69- Dorothy Perkins

Faux Shearling-Lined Suedette Vest £19.75 -Forever 21 

(so glad there's a shop in England, and it's so cheap! result!

Who watches fashion police? hands up everyone...

Who watches fashion police?

For those who don’t know it’s basically a show on E where four “average looking cronies” huddle around like the witches of Eastwick making snide remarks about what the celebs are wearing. I LOVE IT.  There’s never a dull moment, honestly. Joan is like one of those aunties who you see once a year every Christmas who complains about the stuffing and tells mum she’s getting fat. Seriously, who allowed this woman to be on TV? Whoever it was, I salute you. YOU ARE A LEGEND.

So in the episode I watched (I realise it’s probably old as always the UK are behind in everything) Joan and the gang (lollipop head, man face and gallantly gay George) were critiquing the AMA’s.

One dress that stood out for me was their “best dressed” Nikki Minaj it was a dress by Oscar Del La Renta... okay. I’ll be kind. Sort of. It was hideous, but not as ridiculous as she normally looks so. Blah.

All in all I love the show, the only thing that annoys me about it is Kelly Osbourne, she seems to think she has so sort of entitlement to criticise others when half the time she looks like a man in drag. I feel bad now. But does she? No! Of course she doesn’t! She knows that the only reason she’s on the show is because of mummy and daddy and she’s milking it for all she’s worth. Fair play to her.


Hi world! Welcome to my blog! If I’m honest I’m not really sure what type of person will read this, I certainly hope it’ll be someone like me (strange, crazy, fashion obsessed) but I’m not picky. I guess my first post will cover the “thoughts” aspect of my blog title so I’ll start by telling you all a little bit about me and why you should all bask in my awesomeness (I joke).

Why start a blog?
Because (yes miss I started a sentence with because shoot me) I want to. Got a problem with that? (Again I kid; really I am just full of LOL’s today).

What’s the blog about?
My clothes hauls, fashion opinions and weirdo thoughts. It’ll be great I promise. Trust me. Please.

Why “Fiendish behaviour?”
Umm... keep reading and I’m sure you’ll find out.  Yes, this is me being coy.  Its working isn’t it? Bare with me here I’m new.

Who are you?
That’s a secret I’ll never tell xoxo gossip girl...

Cool, if you’ve managed to read all that I think I’ve succeeded in catching your attention. Yay me! You’ll love me I’m not annoying. Promise.