Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Top eight (I’m too lazy for ten) utterly shocking, thought provoking, mind boggling, cringe inducing moments

 1.Victoria Beckham showed some actual emotion (I know I’m as shocked as you are). The life stopping moment happened at the British Fashion Awards where she managed to bag the “designer brand award.” I for one think she deserves it, sure she walks and talks like a robot, holds her baby like it’s a handbag and thinks every airport is a runway; but come on she has tons of money and could easily lie around like a lump of lard all day.  Give credit where credit’s due.

2.Stella McCartney may return to London fashion week. It was just a hint, a small minute insignificant “one-off” but oh boy that’s certainly good enough for me. I can’t contain my enthusiasm it’s overflowing, just please...no circle prints.

3.I stacked it when running for the bus today. No comment.

4.Amy Childs stepped out in a Bikini to promote her new show. It’s Amy Childs, enough said. For my American readers (yes I recently discovered page view) here’s a picture. Now to you understand where I’m coming from?

5.Why don’t we say cool beans anymore? Apparently it was hip in the 80’s, I just say whenever I feel like it and everyone looks at me like I’m crazy. I’m not. Cool beans. 

6.Apparently a tomato is a fruit?
I refuse to believe this; it’s disgusting. If it’s true how I can, a self confessed fruit hater, can love tomatoes? Something is not right there. 

7.Capes are not just for Halloween. I bought a cape today, from Dorothy Perkins (okay I’ll have to admit I have a slight obsession with the shop). Before I tried it on, I wasn't convinced but now I totally love it. Since I’m so kind, I’ll try and find a pic for you.

8.You’ve read the whole list! I am shocked, and I appreciate it. Until next time TTYL. 

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