Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Tights anyone?

I’ve decided I like tights. This is a new “thing” for me because I usually only wear tights for school, but recently I’ve seen some really cool designs so have decided to share my finds with you all. 

Pretty Polly suspender tights £10- River Island 
Here are those really cool "suspender" tights that everyone seems to be wearing lately. I'll admit i wasn't convinced at first, but after buying a pair to wear with my new party dress (see ideas below) I've been swayed. 

Coloured Cochet tights £5.99- New Look
These deep Red Crochet tights are really cute. I love the colour and print and think they'd look great with a pair of brown winter boots. 

Henry Holland- £12.48
LOOK AT THESE!!!!  Apparently, Henry Holland is a big fan of little mix (me too just incase you hadn't noticed) and has created a pair of tights just for them! I want some... Unfortunately i don't think these are available to buy yet but you can get similar pairs here

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