Monday, 28 November 2011


Hi world! Welcome to my blog! If I’m honest I’m not really sure what type of person will read this, I certainly hope it’ll be someone like me (strange, crazy, fashion obsessed) but I’m not picky. I guess my first post will cover the “thoughts” aspect of my blog title so I’ll start by telling you all a little bit about me and why you should all bask in my awesomeness (I joke).

Why start a blog?
Because (yes miss I started a sentence with because shoot me) I want to. Got a problem with that? (Again I kid; really I am just full of LOL’s today).

What’s the blog about?
My clothes hauls, fashion opinions and weirdo thoughts. It’ll be great I promise. Trust me. Please.

Why “Fiendish behaviour?”
Umm... keep reading and I’m sure you’ll find out.  Yes, this is me being coy.  Its working isn’t it? Bare with me here I’m new.

Who are you?
That’s a secret I’ll never tell xoxo gossip girl...

Cool, if you’ve managed to read all that I think I’ve succeeded in catching your attention. Yay me! You’ll love me I’m not annoying. Promise. 

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