Friday, 20 January 2012

My top five all time favourite Disney songs!!

I'll admit I was feeling pretty nostalgic today, and had the urge to listen to all of my favourite Disney songs -you know the old stuff not the new rubbish that's spewed on our TV screens today. I'm 18 and i'm not afraid to admit that I shed a few tears when listening to some of these, they were literally my childhood I was obsessed with them when I was younger. So here are my top five picks, have a listen yourself! Oh, and let me know what your favourite Disney songs are!

5.  Aladdin a whole new world. 
This is a classic, and the carpet ride has to be the most romantic thing ever. Rest assured that this has been sung awfully in many a school audition

4. Mulan- I'll make a man out of you
LOVE, LOVE,LOVE this song!!! It's so uplifting and cheerful, the film is one of my all time favourites.

3.The Lion King- Hakuna matata
Lovely, and super funny- an absolute classic.

2. Mulan- Reflection
What can I say, this song is so amazing words cannot describe it's profoundness. The lyrics, the video, the message...perfection.

1. Pocahontas- Colours of the wind   
My absolute all time favourite song. I always shed a tear when I listen to this.

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  1. Ahh love I'd make a man out of you. I used to listen to the canto version which had Jackie Chan singing it hah

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