Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Boxing day shopping sucks.

As I’m sure you’re all aware yesterday was Boxing Day. It’s a day that’s every shoppers dream, there are adverts with claims of 70% discounts and huge red sale signs plastered over every shop window. You wake up the crack of dawn, despite feeling ill after eating tons at Christmas in the hope that you’ll find that one special item to make it all worthwhile…
In a perfect world, maybe. In reality it’s anything but. I’ll spare you all the gory details, I think it’s better that way but what I will say is I’M NEVER EVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES SHOPPING ON BOXING DAY AGAIN.  Ha, I laugh because I said that last year and yet still found myself waiting for 20 minutes this year to buy a skirt from River Island that I’m not entirely convinced I like (it was for £15 from £30 I couldn’t resist). Here’s the thing about boxing day, you feel pressured to shop because you know everyone else is and don’t want to miss out on all the latest deals. Then you get to the shop and it’s packed to bursting, clothes are scattered all over the floor and everyone’s out for themselves. Then you try to find the changing room to try on what you’ve just picked up only to find they’re closed for the day. You gamble and wait in line next to an annoying old woman who tells you she’s buying clothes for her wedding then proceeds to recount her whole life story *rolls eyes*. Then you purchase you item where you meet an irritated cashier who seems to think it’s your fault she has to work on Boxing day. Finally, you return home only to realise half of the things you bought are junk, the other half don’t fit and you can’t return your clothes until next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep. I will not be participating in the Boxing Day sales next year.

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