Wednesday, 7 December 2011

I'm so tired my eyes hurt.

Ever had that feeling when you’re so tired your eyes hurt?  I have that now. I lay in bed this morning trying to come up with excuses of why I couldn’t come to school; headache sore throat attacked by bees etc. Then I remembered that my history essay, that was due in last week, absolutely MUST be handed in today and so consequently am stuck here blogging from one of the computers in stuffy smells-like-dead-cats computer room at school.
What am I going to do today? I have no idea. I’m boring so it’ll probably involve reading Wuthering heights for English and trying to squeeze in some shopping in between.  That reminds me, I really need to buy a new pair of gloves my current ones are (let’s face it) gross and it’s absolutely freezing in London.  I’ll try and keep you posted on my finds.

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