Friday, 2 December 2011

The four letter word we all love to hear...

I'm so sorry I haven't blogged all day! I was incredibly busy with school, (I know I have a problem). Whilst shopping I noticed something...everything is on sale! Remember that cape I loved that I posted about (it was either Monday or Tuesday I can’t quite remember) well it’s from Dorothy Perkins and it’s gone down from £69 to £48.30, there’s 30% off EVERYTHING!!!!

You can’t imagine my surprise after being so depressed from not having enough money to buy it only to walk in to the store surrounded by a mass of red sale labels everywhere. I’m so pleased.  I just had to tell you guys because the sale’s for a limited time only. As bad as it is, the speculated “recession” is really great for us students who literally spend our pay check on clothes and make up as everything is cut price. Sigh. It’s like boxing day’s come early.  

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