Monday, 12 December 2011

Review: Duffle coats!

Duffle coats are bang on trend this season. They’re everywhere, no matter where you look you’re certain to see these cuddly coats on the high street. But who sells the best coats you ask? Don’t worry FTFB is here to answer all your questions…

Berry Long Borg duffle Miss selfridge £45
I have this coat, and I must say I like it. The colour pops and it has a hood, which is handy for the rainy London weather. The only negative is that the fit isn’t perfect, which means it can look bulky if you’re not careful and often I find myself wearing it with the coat open (which doesn’t really make sense in the freezing cold). Still, it’s mainly great so I’ll give it a 9/10

Red fur hood duffle coat Dorothy Perkins £55.20
This coat has a great fit, I remember trying it on in the shop and thinking its shape and style looked awesome… unfortunately, the colour is absolutely revolting. It’s really bright I real life and looks a little cheap. Not a fan. 4/10

Snaffle Duffle coat Warehouse £50

This coat is really cool, it’s not my personal style but I love its unique take on the traditional duffle coat. It has a sort of wet-look heavy suede look that can be styled with biker boots to give it that rocker edge. 10/10

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