Thursday, 15 December 2011

Christmas present ideas for daddy dearest

Is it just me or are dads the hardest to shop for? They really are, honestly I spent ages trying to work out what to get my dad, and if your dad’s anything like mine he’ll let you know when he hates your prezzie. Need suggestions of what to get? Here are a few of my ideas.

1.      A cardigan, it’s cold and there’re lots of cardigans out there. Stick to neutral colours to give it a simple stylish look.

2.   A wallet! If there’s anything dads are good for it’s giving you money right? So why not make sure he hands over the wonga (who actually says wonga, I just remembered it from the advert) in style. Here a lovely brown stich wallet I found from Burton for a mere £12.

3.      A tie, let’s face it,it’s the fall back item. You can never go wrong with a tie. Again I must mention that Burton make lovely ones.

4.      A satchel, these are still in this season so shop around if you’ve got a bit of cash to splash.
5.      A suit shirt (again, quality is key here so this is only for the very wealthy *cough * suckers). Try T.M Lewin, you can get to the website here.

So here are my ideas, they’re a little generic but it’s the thought that counts after all! If all else fails, you could always get him some socks.


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