Saturday, 17 December 2011

H&M girl with the dragon tattoo collection

Anyone seen H&M’s “girl with the dragon tattoo” collection? It’s pretty cool, the clothes have that androgynous tough-edge that everyone seems to be wearing lately. The line has attracted some controversy lately when fellow blogger Natalie Karneef claimed the line “glamorised” rape…not too sure I agree with that one there. I think it’s a cool line, I like the pieces as an outfit, but I think they look a bit plain separately (although I’m aware that’s what most people love about it).
               On a side note, has anyone noticed that H&M clothes are AWLAYS wrinkled? I can never wear newly purchased clothing without ironing it first and it’s not just in the shops it’s the same with deliveries. Wrinkled. They need to work on that.

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